In order to create a positive experience for all participants,
please consider the following etiquette guidelines for the classes:

For All Class Types: 

1. Bring a water bottle. You can certainly fill it up here with fitered cold or hot water from our machines.

2.  Cell phones or other electronics are to be left outside of the class.  If there is a potential for an emergency in which you may need to be contacted, either leave your phone with the front desk staff, or speak with the instructor before the class begins. 

3. If any of the music really moved your mojo, the Instructor would be excited to share any further information regarding the song choices with you after the class is completed. 

4. We love to exchange each other's energy and enthusiasm but not each other's odor: Be mindful of personal hygiene by regularly laundering your gear, and avoiding wearing scented products to the studio.  We are often working in close quarters to one another, you will get it. 

5. If you are sick, please take care of yourself. We admire your committment, and at the same time we want you to be well in body and mind and ready to work, rather than coming and sharing the virus you may be carrying. 

Core, Strength or Stretch Classes:

1. Bring your mat. We have several in different sizes and thickness, although you may feel more comfortable knowing that yours is available if needed. 

2. We may be in close proximity to one another, so do be mindful when you stretch out your limbs or take a leaping step. Look for traffic around you. 

3. Feel free to choose options or modifications to suit your ability or energy levels, although we request that you are following the class content and not conducting a workout on your own.  

 Indoor Cycling Classes:

1. Running or cycling shoes (SPD clip) are mandatory footwear (no flip flops/sandals, or street shoes). SPD clips are available for sale at the front desk if you require; if you need any adjustments to your clips or shoes arrive earlier to class if possible, and ask the Instructor for assistance. 

2. Please ensure your shoes and gear are clean of dirt, grass, mud or other debris before coming to the studio or jumping on the bike.  

3. Water bottle(s), a small towel, and padded cycling specific shorts (with no ginch!) are highly recommended. 

4. Please respect the reflective nature of this style of class. We welcome you to close your eyes and let the music and instruction take you away or enable you to push your limits. Talking during the class distracts your fellow riders. If you need any assistance, rather than speaking to your neighbour, raise your hand or make eye contact with the instructor. We would be happy to help you in any way, throughout the class. 

5.  Please wipe down your bike and surrounding floor area with the supplied towels (spray the towel and wipe the bike) after you dismount your bike.