Welcome to the Most Fiery Fitness Studio
on the North Shore!  

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We bluntly recognize that working out is hell: when you involve yourself in a new activity, or you push yourself to test your boundaries it's gut-busting, and the workouts can feel like fire and brimstone from your head to your toes. We get it. This is why we designed the facility and the services to recognize your hard work..and to make you laugh while you sweat. 

Come try one of our fitness class options! We offer a variety of indoor cycling, core strengthening, and sport specific conditioning programs.   Also, be sure to check our our specialty classes and ever-evolving schedule. All of our classes intend to challenge and ignite you from the inside out. 

Call us at 604-984-6660 for more information or click here for class rates and our current schedule


Our focus is training you for a lifetime of movement and enjoyable activity. No egos, no booty shorts and no need to compete. We are committed to fostering a community: where everyone is recognized when they arrive, and feel successful when they depart. You can expect individualized service and professionalism, and a feeling that you "belong here". 

Visit us in our unique, detailed-oriented training environment. The Facility is equipped with everything needed for variety and optimal training whether you are in a group or with your Personal Trainer (from multiple stations to various cardio equipment to cable and squat racks, and of course Bosu's, the TRX, foam rollers, etc).

For Personal Training information, call us to discuss your needs. 

Welcoming Saints and Sinners alike! 
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August 14th, 2014
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