Did anyone tell you to Go to Hellth?  Now that you have taken this good "advice"...
Welcome to Go to Hellth Fitness Studio!

Find some information below to assist you with your first visit...

1. Parking: we have parking located directly at the front on Pemberton Street, on the North side of the facility on Welch street and there are designated spots at the rear of the facilty directly behind the red warehouse doors. Nearest the gate in the centre you can find 4 spots, as well as 2 spots directly in front of the warehouse doors (be sure to park far enough away for proper use of all of the doors). Note that there is also a gravel lot kitty-corner from the gym closer to the railway tracks which is available for your parking needs. 

2. Waiting area: all class participants and clients are welcome to use the waiting area pre-post workout. 

3. Please bring clean workout shoes (no hiking footwear, or dirty cycling shoes). Come prepared to train like you would be working in your own livingroom. Shoes can be left in the changeroom upstairs or in a locker. 

4. Lockers and valuables: we have lockers on the second floor available on a per-use basis. Please keep track of your key, and ensure the lockers are emptied after your use.  We encourage you to lock your treasures upstairs rather than leaving them in the common areas. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. 

5. Towels: small gym towels are avalable for use during your workout, found near the water dispenser.  Bath sized shower towels are also available at the front desk if you so require for your shower post-workout. If there are spills, please use the small shop towels located in the cupboard beside the water dispenser. Please deposit all towels in the bin provided after use. 

6. Water: filtered water (hot and cold) is available. Be green and bring your own bottle to fill. We also have cold beverages available for purchase at the front desk. 

7. Please avoid wearing any scented products to the gym space or classes (perfume/cologne, deodorant, hair products, etc).

8. If you have arrived early, feel free to warmup on the cardio equipment (e.g., treadmill, elliptical, bikes). Your Trainer should provide instruction for its use previous to you functioning the machines on your own. 

9. While working out, be sure that heavy objects rest on the floor rather than on the soft surfaces such as benches. 

10. Do you have any aversion to crows or rats, fire and brimstone? Be aware that you will encounter a rather unique setting where representative props are found throughout the facility...MOOOwuaHAHAHAH!