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Deadly Spins Cycling Passes


Number of Classes Rate Per Hour
Class Rate

One Foot in the Grave
Drop in

1 hour
1.5 Hours


You’ve Been Bad 6 classes $106 $17.66
Out of Luck 13 classes $216 $16.66
Ultimate Sinner 33 classes $549 $15.66

Rotten to the Core/Strength/
Stretch Passes                    

Number of Classes Rate Per Hour
Class Rate

Just a Scratch Drop in

1 class
Growing Pains 6 classes $79 $13.33
Pain Lover 13 classes $160 $12.33
Sick and Twisted 33 classes $406 $11.66

*All applicable and mandatory nasty taxes will be added to the above rates. All passes are nonrefundable and must be used within a year of purchase. Specialty classes (e.g., 3 hr ride, ninja class) held throughout the year will be priced uniquely.

Our Terms and Conditions

You are permitted to share the pain and suffering between two people (spouses or friends). Although this is so, how many times each individual utilizes the pass will not be monitored, but only the fact that a class was taken by either of you. Play nice. 

Your pass will remain at reception with the Gate Keeper. She will punch/stamp your pass when you attend a class. We require 24 hours notice if you will not attend a class (for any reason) for which you have made a reservation. We also will give away your spot 5 minutes before the class begins. We will keep a waitlist, and telephone those on the list if a spot opens. We will call down the list and the first to respond will be entitled to the class. If you are on the waitlist and are eager to take a class, be sure to pick up your phone! You may stand in a line the day of the class, as no-shows do take place. The priority for wait list drop in, will be first arrived, first in the class.

All passes are non-refundable and non-transferrable. The expiry for purchased passes is one year from the date of purchase, with the exception of special promotion passes. Check in with the Gatekeeper if you are unsure of your expiry date.  

Regular Classes:

Give us a head's up! If you own a class pass of any type, you may call, text or speak to the Gatekeeper in person to reserve a spot in a class. Call the day of the class (up to 4 hours before) or you may eagerly reserve a spot a week in advance of a class. This ensures there are a minimum of participants to run the class, or to ensure that you have a spot in a very popular class time that tends to sell out. If you drop in with no notice at all, you may or may not be able to take the class. We love to be able to plan to serve the accurate amount of punishment to the accurate number of sinners!  604-984-6660.

Preregistered Classes:

In the case of a registered class, the class is prepaid and nonrefundable. You have the advantage of arriving up to the start time of the class, and your spot will remain. If you are aware that you are unable to attend a particular class date, you may ask a friend to attend the class as long as they have been to a Hellth class in the past (and they have filled out the appropriate forms). Please do call the Gate Keeper in the event that you are aware that you cannot attend or find a suitable body to fill your place. A waitlist will be kept for those who would like to drop-in in case of your absence.